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Living on Mars

2020-2021 - End of Bachelor's Degree project


While the hope of seeing the first humans on Mars is growing, this project aims to answer the following challenge:


How to help future astronauts with their distance from the Earth?

The project is focused on 3 points


Earthly sensation

The light


The architecture



Protective shell

Builded on Earth & gathered on Mars

Natural light is brought in through triangular windows, allowing more openness by assembling them

3D printed on Mars with cobalt. The shell prevents solar radiation & space debris impacts.

Modular units x6

Early concept art





Each room has been designed to mix uses.
The habitat includes workshops, relaxation areas
and private areas.

Rooms x6, Kitchen, Bathroom

Com, Workout area, Restroom

Garden, Wet lab, Infirmary

Dry lab, Storage area, Entry SAS

Lounge, aquaponic aquarium

Paul Cazaux-Debat - Dry Laboratory.png
Paul Cazaux-Debat - Dry Laboratory.png

The dry laboratory

In all the base, the light is diffused with the help of a multitude of small triangles. Some of them light up with white light, while others light up with a certain colour to recreate the earth sky. It can be blue sky, cloudy, or represent a sunset.

Paul Cazaux-Debat - Dry Laboratory.png
Paul Cazaux-Debat - Garden.jpg
Paul Cazaux-Debat - Garden.jpg

The garden

The garden has a central position in the facility. In addition to providing fresh food for the crew, it brings nature into a desert area. When astronautes are moving around the base, they almost need to pass by this place.

Paul Cazaux-Debat - Garden.jpg
Paul Cazaux-Debat - Living Quarter.png
Paul Cazaux-Debat - Living Quarter.png

Living quarters

The living quarters are located on the top floor of the base. Illuminated by a large glass roof, each crew member can find his own private sphere.

Paul Cazaux-Debat - Living Quarter.png
Paul Cazaux-Debat - Bedroom.png
Paul Cazaux-Debat - Bedroom.png

In their room, the astronauts find their privacy. Each room is illuminated with a soft light source to promote well-being during the mission.

Paul Cazaux-Debat - Bedroom.png